Comparison Shopping For Adams—1 Corinthians 15:44b-49



When you are trying to decide between the different options of something that you want to buy—like a toaster—what do you do? You do a little comparison shopping.


For example, several years ago, when we had a minivan (and only four kids), Tami and I made some comparisons that led us to buy a suburban to replace the minivan.


We looked at gas mileage, and the minivan won. It was better, by far. But we had other requirements


One of them was cargo space. When we went to Walmart in the minivan, we had bags in the back, in-between the seats, and under the feets! So, yeah, the suburban won that round.


Another thing I wanted to have was four-wheel drive. The minivan had front-wheel drive, which was pretty good in the snow, but I still managed to get it stuck in the alley once.The suburban won the contest, hands down. 


I’m sure you’ve made similar comparisons for everything from houses to what dish soap to buy.


In the passage we’re looking at today, there are two Adams that are being compared. That’s right, two Adams—you always thought there was only one Adam in the Bible, but there’s two.

Read More: Comparison Shopping For Adams-1 Corinthians 15.44b-49-Levi Durfey.pdf

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