To Judge Or Not To Judge—Luke 6:37-45, #025


Levi Durfey 




Our culture sees Christians as judgmental. In fact, one survey claimed that nearly ninety percent of young people said that “judgmental” accurately describes Christianity today (Kinnaman, UnChristian, 2007, 182)


Ninety percent! That’s the perception, whether right or wrong, of the generation coming up in our nation today. Some of that judgmental reputation is not deserved and is because we stand for God’s standards which they hate. 


But some of it is because Christians judge in a way that we are not supposed to. We can have hearts and words that attack a person, and not just the sins that they are committing. We lash out like unsaved politicians slinging mud at their opponents.


Is this what being a Christian supposed to look like? To be as mean and vicious as Pharisees and politicians?


We need to learn when we are to judge and when we are not to judge. We need to listen to Jesus carefully here in Luke 6—

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Remembering Jesus’s Labor For Us


Levi Durfey 




Labor Day was established as an official holiday in the late 1800’s to celebrate the American worker. It has now lost much of it’s original meaning and now basically marks the end of Summer and the start of school. 


In 1909, the American Federation of Labor convention adopted the Sunday before Labor Day as “Labor Sunday.” The intent was to focus on the spiritual aspect of the labor movement.


With that in mind, let’s turn to the Bible and see what we can learn about the spiritual side of the work we do.

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