Endure Hardship By Being An Approved Workman And By Preaching The Word—2 Timothy 2:3-4, 15; 4:2-4



On March 16th, 2013 (five years ago last Friday), I received an email that, in part, read:


The reason that I am writing is that I will graduate, Lord willing, this May with an M.A. in Pastoral Studies from Bob Jones University. My wife and I are currently seeking God’s will on where we should go/serve after graduation. 


For the last year or so we have been involved in our church’s jail ministry…We would really like to pursue a ministry in the future that involves evangelism and discipleship…


Right now I feel that I need more experience and wisdom. I would really just like to serve along side someone else. Do you know of any ministry opportunities in your area?


A couple weeks later I was able to respond:


The deacons and I have talked about the possibility of bringing you on staff here for a year or two or three (depending on how long you need)…everyone is very positive about the idea.


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Even If He Makes Us Wait, Our Faith Declares Jesus To Be The Son Of God—Luke 8:40-56, #038



Many people believe in Jesus. But who is the Jesus that they have faith in? For some people, it’s the Jesus who is the good teacher or the great, but ancient, prophet. 


These are the people who will quote the Golden Rule—“do unto others as you would have them do to you”—and use it to justify whatever sin they want. And when you confront them about their sin, they quote Jesus again—“Judge not, lest ye be judged.” Now, Jesus is a good teacher, but that is not to be the primary focus of our faith.


Back in Bible times, people also had a belief in Jesus, but it was a belief in Jesus as a miracle-worker. They flocked to Jesus to experience a miracle. Of course he is a miracle-worker, just like he is a good teacher, but again, that is not the primary faith focus that Jesus wants people to have. We see that come out in the narrative found in Luke 8:40-56.


First, we learn in this passage that…


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