How Hannah Beat The Culture’s Expectations—1 Samuel 1



Unfulfilled expectations are the cause of much sorrow and sadness. I was thinking about our son Noah recently and how the COVID-19 crisis ended our expectation of seeing him walk in a graduation at Bible college (which would have been May 2). It would have been a great moment in our lives, but it’s gone now.


As we think about mothers today, I wonder how many mothers have had unfulfilled expectations about motherhood. Maybe it’s harder than you thought it would be. 


The sleepless nights…the incessant demands of a baby…the challenge of older children not obeying. There are many ways that mothers could have expectations that aren’t fulfilled.


Motherhood itself is another expectation that, if unfulfilled, causes some women grief and sadness. Why hasn’t the Lord given me children? I am so ready! I would make a good mom!


That brings us to the account of Hannah—a barren woman who suffered great sadness. But she found fulfillment in the Lord. Turn to 1 Samuel 1.

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