What True Repentance Looks Like—2 Chronicles 33:1-20



King Manasseh is one of the most well-known kings of ancient Judah. We learn about him in two of the books of the Bible—2 Kings 21 and 2 Chronicles 33. If we only had the account in 2 Kings, we would be left with the impression that Manasseh was a wicked king all his life. And he was a wicked king for most of his life. 


But what we don’t find in 2 Kings 21, is that Manasseh repented (probably very late in his life) and came to know the Lord. It’s this account we will look at because it is so instructive in what it means to repent. 


In 2 Chronicles 33, we see Manasseh sinning and then we see Manasseh repenting.

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