Unseen, God Works Behind The Scenes—The Book of Esther

20170514FBCAM [Mother’s Day]

Levi Durfey 




Before we get into Esther, there’s a strange issue about this book of the Bible that we need to consider: God is never mentioned in Esther. Not once. 


Does that surprise you? How can it be that there be a book in the Bible—a ten chapter book—where God isn’t mentioned?


I actually think that is the point of the book. Often, God does not seem to us to be at the forefront in our lives. He is unseen.


We may live out our entire lives and never see a bonafide miracle. Does that mean that God is not working? No, of course not. Even in the midst of our darkest times, God is doing 10,000 things!


This is what we will discover in Esther. Despite perilous times, she trusted the unseen God and he worked behind the scenes to save not only her, but her people. 


First, let’s see…


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