How Can Anyone Believe In A God Like That?—Job 1:1-2:10


Levi Durfey 


Tami and I were watching an old TV cop show when the characters starting talking about Job. The detective in the show summarized the book of Job in a few sentences, that God and the devil were having a contest over this man, Job. God allows Job to lose everything and to suffer immensely


And then detective said two things that caught my attention: 


First, he says that, after God allows Job to suffer so much, God doesn’t apologize. God doesn’t tell Job that he’s sorry. Well, that statement just shows how self-centered human beings are! Imagine, walking up to the holy and perfect Lord of the Universe and wanting an apology!


Then the detective says, “Who would want to believe in a God like that?” It was a one-two punch that got me thinking. What would I have said if I had been sitting at the lunch counter with that detective? How can anyone believe in a God that allows so much suffering to happen? 


If the detective had ever really read Job, he would have known the answer.

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