Between Two Kingdoms—Daniel 3:1-27


Levi Durfey




Every Christian lives, in a sense, between two kingdoms. We are born into this world’s kingdom. In many ways, it has power over us. It may be a government that we live under. It may be temptations to sin. It could be the fear of leaving this world’s kingdom.


On the other hand, when we are born again, we become citizens of another kingdom. We are born into God’s kingdom. We are given a new destiny—being coheirs with Christ for eternity.


But now—now it’s difficult. We are between two kingdoms. The world’s kingdom is visible to us. It has a powerful influence in our lives and how we make decisions. God’s kingdom is infinitely more powerful, but it’s not visible. We have to live by faith.


Therein lies the rub: we see the world every moment of our lives. It’s power over us is constant and it’s visible. But as Christians, we know that we are live as citizens of God’s kingdom. Yet it’s not visible. Often, we pray for something, and nothing happens or the opposite happens.


We struggle with…

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