This World’s Not My Home…But It Will Be!

Topic: Heaven


Levi Durfey




I love the old hymn, “This World’s Not My Home, I’m Just A Passin’ Through,” but that song is not quite completely true.


It’s true that, in this life, we are just a passing through this world. And we die, and we go to be with Jesus. But after that, what happens? We live in Heaven forever? No! We come back to this world! We will live forever, but we were made for Earth.


Remember how God created Adam? It was from dirt. In fact, Adam’s name is the Hebrew word for “dirt.” If that had happened today, God would have named him Clay or Dusty. 


Why did God tell us about Adam being made from dirt and being named after dirt? Because Adam—and the whole human race—was made for this Earth. And, after the old Earth is passed away, there will be a New Earth for us to live on.


Before we look at what the Bible says about the New Earth, we need to step back and look at the big picture. What is God’s plan for Creation?

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