It’s Hard To Be Humble—But We Should Keep Trying!—Selected Texts

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I read about a pastor who was voted the most humble pastor in America. His congregation gave him a medal that said, “To the most humble pastor in America.” But the very next Sunday they took it away from him because he wore it to church. It’s hard to be humble!


What does it mean to be humble? I asked my computer and it said, “the disposition of valuing or assessing oneself appropriately; especially in light of one’s sinfulness or creatureliness.” Don’t you love it when you have to look up the definition of a definition? 


Here’s a better definition: Chuck Swindoll told a story about some kids who built a clubhouse. They found some pallets and fit them together and borrowed a tarp from one of the Dad’s garage. Then they all got in it and had their first meeting. They decided that there would have to be rules. So they decided on three rules. First, nobody act big. Second, nobody act small. Third, everybody act medium. Ain’t that great! That’s a good definition of humility—act medium.


Humility is something that often escapes us humans. It’s hard to be humble. We never seem to get past thinking about ourselves. Even when we are in the depths of self-pity, feeling lower than a rattlesnake in a rut, we aren’t being humble. Self-pity is just another form of pride—“Woe is me, I am unloved” is the cry of a prideful person.


It’s hard to be humble, but we should keep trying! The Bible says, “Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up” (James 4:10). It’s not something that we can ignore. God wants us to humble ourselves! 


I want to show you six ways that we can humble ourselves:


1) Practice Giving Thanks For Everything.

2) Confess Your Sins On A Regular Basis.

3) Treat Embarrassments As An Opportunity To Grow In Humility.

4) Listen To Others More Than You Talk.

5) Put Others Before Yourself.

6) Consider Often The Example Of Jesus.

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