The Connection Between The Passover Meal and the Lord’s Supper



What was the first Lord’s Supper like? What did they eat? How long did supper last? These are actually questions that, because of the Jewish Passover Meal, we have some pretty clear answers to. 


My goal is to take you through the Lord’s Supper as found in the Bible and flesh it out with the cultural aspects of the Passover Meal that Jesus was celebrating with His disciples. Then we’ll make some comparisons between the Passover Meal and the Lord’s Supper.


One thing I noticed as I worked through descriptions of both ancient and modern Jewish Passover meals is how God-focused their celebration was. The Jews spend hours at this meal, stopping to tell the story of redemption from Egypt, asking questions, and singing. Each part of the meal symbolizes some aspect of God’s work in their history.


We might say a prayer before a Thanksgiving Meal or read the Christmas account from Luke before opening presents, but that’s it. Perhaps there’s a lesson for us right there. How can we make our celebrations—especially those that are supposed to be about God—more God focused?


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