God Is Good All The Time

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Levi Durfey 



George Müller was a prayerful man of God in the 19th century. Relying on prayer and faith in God, he built orphanages and saved the lives of over 10,000 children in England. 


He had a faith that firmly believed that God was a good Father and would provide all his needs and the needs of the orphans. Müller is known for never asking for money to support the orphanages, but instead praying for God to supply all his needs. He had a firm belief in the goodness of God.


God’s goodness to Müller included his wife, Mary, who was a great help to him in running the orphanages. Müller described the work that Mary did:


Her occupation…was to get ready the many hundreds of neat little beds for the dear Orphans, most of whom had never seen such beds, far less slept in them…It was to get good blankets that she was busied, thus to serve the Lord Jesus, in caring for these dear bereaved children, who had not a mother or father to care for them. 


It was to provide numberless other useful things in the Orphan Houses, and especially for the sick rooms of the Orphans, that, day by day, except on the Lord’s days, she was seen in the Orphan Houses. (George Müller, Autobiography of George Müller: A Million and a Half in Answer to Prayer [London: J. Nisbet and Co., 1914], 434)


Lest you think that Mary’s value was only in the work that she did, Müller also said that he and Mary had the happiest of marriages:


Thousands of times I told her—“My darling, I never saw you at any time since you became my wife, without my being delighted to see you.”…


Our happiness in God, and in each other, was indescribable. We had not some happy days every year, nor a month of happiness every year; but we had twelve months of happiness in the year, and thus year after year. 


Often and often did I say to that beloved one, and this again and again even in the fortieth year of our [marriage]—“My darling, do you think there is a couple in Bristol, or in the world, happier than we are?” (Müller, 435)


A wife who was a great help, who shared an equal devotion to a successful ministry to orphans and to Christ, and a marriage that was intensely happy. Who could ask for anything more?George Müller rejoiced in God’s goodness in giving Mary to him.


But we might wonder—God was good to George Müller in those incidents, but was he good to Müller all the time? We’ll come back to George and Mary Müller later and see how he answered that question—but first, we must ponder God and his goodness.

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