Who Is Your Father?—John 8:37-50

20150621FBCAM [Father’s Day]

Levi Durfey




I have been a father for almost fifteen years now. One of the thoughts that crosses my mind frequently is: in what ways will my children emulate me? You can tell that they already have my good looks. 


Actually, my concerns run deeper than my looks. When I sin, and they see it, will they imitate that sin? On the other hand, will they imitate the good that I do, the love that I show, the trust that I have in Christ? 


Human fathers have that struggle because weʼre not perfect. We sin, and we do good. Our children will, more than likely, copy some of both from us.


In this passage, there are two fathers mentioned (well, three, if you count Abraham, but two fathers of importance). One father, the Devil, is completely evil, a liar, a murderer. The other Father, God himself, is holy, loving, and good.


Which father do you most often copy? Which father does the saying, “Like Father, Like Son [or Daughter],” most apply for you? Continue reading