Being Joyful Like The Shepherds

Series: Seasonal Attitudes To Have All Year Long

Topic: Joy, Luke 2:8-20


Levi Durfey




This holiday season we’ve been looking at seasonal attitudes to have all year long. During the stressful holidays, we especially need cultivate in our hearts the attitudes of contentment, thankfulness, peace, gentleness, and patience. But a person could have all those attitudes and still miss the most important attitude to have this season—joy.


If you look at Christmas decorations or cards, you’ll find that “joy” is often a word found somewhere on them. Here’s a few quotes from cards that I found:


  • May Peace, Joy, Hope and Happiness be yours during this Holiday Season and throughout the New Year


  • Wishing you a Joyous Christmas and a New Year filled with Peace and Happiness


  • Best Wishes for Peace and Joy this Christmas and a New Year of Health, Happiness and Prosperity


What do you suppose most people would say is the reason that they have joy during the holidays? I made a list—


1. Some people say that they like the decorations.

2. Others find their joy in the Christmas parties.

3. Children are often happy to receive Christmas gifts.

4. Many people are excited about being together with family.

5. Kids and college students rejoice in having a break from school.


I am sure we could add to that list, but it’s clear that people can have many reasons for being joyful during the holidays. But notice that the decorations, parties, gifts, family get-togethers, and school breaks all come to an end. The joy they bring ends, sometimes with a hangover!


Christians, however, have a source of joy that will never end. It’s the same joy that came to the shepherds who witnessed Jesus’ birth over 2,000 years ago. What gave them joy? It was a joyful message, followed by a joyful encounter.

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